Blue Peter Jenny and Johnny

As my Johnny came home over Gilgarry Mountain,
He told me that from now on no expense I needed counting
He started to show to me the bounty of his travels
And last of all the gold that before was Captain Farell's

With my ring dum a do dumma da
Waiting for my Johnny,
oh, longing for my Johnny,
oh, there's whiskey in the jar.

Then he made me swear I loved him, and never would harm him
That I would be forever his loving Jenny darling
And as he drank his whiskey, he said we'd now have plenty
That from this day his whiskey jar should never more be empty

As he went up to our chamber, all for to take a slumber
I was left there on my own, and I began to wonder
Captain Farell was sure to come, a-searching for his money
And if ever he would find it, he'd kill my darling Johnny.

So I called on captain Farrell, to take a desperate measure
If he would spare my darling's life, he'd have his golden treasure
The captain swore an oath and I expected no deceiving
But may the Lord forgive me that I ever did believe him.

I stole my Johnny's pistol, and with water it was charged
The captain with his footmen soon up to our chamber marched
Johnny could not shoot the water, and he was apprehended
Then they told me in a week's time his life would sure be ended

So I hid some of the gold, and I took it to the gaol
To see if a convicted life for gold would be for sale
The gaoler for the captains's gold let Johnny knock him down
And my darling escaped, from that gaol and from this town

Johnny has brother, who is somewhere in the army,
May my Johnny find his station, in Cork or in Killarney.
And when the two together will be roving round Kilkenney,
Maybe the day will come that he'll forgive his doubting Jenny.

Lyrics by Mysha; music traditional (Whiskey in the Jar).
On a Mudcat thread about Whiskey in the Jar someone mentioned the female point of view, while another thread asked whether we'd written an interesting song that week. These inspired this female point of view on Whiskey in the Jar. Of course, this is about the song as it is now, unrelated to the origin of the song.

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