Blue Peter The Hurtigruten Route

Bobby Troup

Well, if you ever plan to go up north
Take the sea way, that is THE way to go forth
Cause without fail
The Hurtigrute'll sail.

From Bergen all the way to Kirkeness
It's a 1400 sea mile trip, no less
But, without fail
The Hurtigrute'll sail.

Ålesund's a short stay
In Trondheim the next day
Once Nesna is gone
There will be Midnight Sun

Svolvær in the Lovoten
In Stokmarknes the ships are at home
In Hammerfest be an Ice Bear
In Honningsvåg the Cape's near

Then Kjøllefjord, Båtsfjord,
Vardø and Vadsø, you'll see
To take a trip along the coast
It's the sea route that is THE route that's the most
Cause, without fail
The Hurtigrute'll sail.

These lyrics I posted on 20 february 2008 to the Flags of the World mailing list. Most winters, I would be inspired at some point to try to write lyrics about the 11 cities skating tour using the melody of Route 66. Nothing worthwhile ever came out of it, but as at that time in 2008 it was nearing the end of winter, that melody must have been on my mind. Thus, when I mentioned Hurtigruten and someone asked what it was, it was but a small step to lyrics somewhat describing the route. The wonderful title, using two articles and two meaning of the word route/rute, is the section title on the Flags of the World page on Hurtigruten, thus it must have been added by an FotW editor.

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