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"Mysha" (with the "y" of "Ely") is the name I use in most of my on-line activities. It's a nice, short name, with a bit of history to it, so I use it for performing and poetry as well.
Still, those who can't say "Mysha" should feel free to just say "Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg".

For a long time, there was nothing on this page, but I've now given it content as some of my English-speaking friends would like to be able to find an actual website for me and for the songs I sing. And, who knows: I might find other purposes for it as well.

Some of the songs in my repertoire

Songs that were in part written by me (in the versions I sing)

The intention is to list here songs I've contributed to, or songs that others don't sing that way. Eventually I hope to link all the titles to pages giving the lyrics, and other information if I know more about them.

It seemed quite odd that every time I thought I'd added everything that ought to be on this list, I would think of another song that should be on it as well. I've now come to realise that I should actually consider myself a songwright of sorts, as every now and then another set of lyrics I toyed with becomes a song.

I may never list all my songs here, as I keep writing new ones: I who used to feel that song writing was just too difficult?

Some of the other songs I sing from time to time

Allen die Willen naar Island Gaan — The Ballad of Sammy's Bar — Cliffs of Moher — Hard Times of Old England — The King of Rome — The Lag Song — Mick Maguire — My Boy Willie — O my Luve's like a red, red rose — De Noordzee — Peppers and Tomatoes — The Rare Oul' Times — The Rattlin' Bog — Setherwood, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme — The Sicknote — Telling the Bees. — Twa Corbies/Twa Roeken

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